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Innovation happens when we ask the curious questions. What if? What if we could use the recycled content from the harder-to-reuse green, amber and blue single-use plastic bottles? What if we could design a 100% PET product that could be recycled in its entirety? Cue ReWorx™. A platform that represents innovation and curiosity in action. ReWorx provides a new flooring solution in both materiality and product circularity. A regenerative platform. Designed to close the loop. We will take it back, break it down and make it into more ReWorx flooring. Starting the process over again.

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100% PET

That’s the average number of bottles that are in a square yard of ReWorx flooring – decreasing our reliance on virgin raw materials and further reducing our embodied carbon footprint.

Closing the loop

Designed for circularity, ReWorx is made of recycled material and can also be recycled in its entirity at the end of its useful life through our re[TURN] reclamation program.

Low embodied carbon

Designed with the entire lifecycle in mind, ReWorx is a low embodied carbon product, and can help lower the over- all carbon footprint of the building to make an overall positive impact.

The ReWorx Process

Where durability meets sustainability to close the loop. ReWorx is a hybrid flooring solution combining the durability of a hard surface with the comfort of a soft surface.

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